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Twin-core resistive cable

Heating of industrial and household communications is a relevant task for the area with severe winters. Cable heating is the most favorable option among all others. The systems constructed on this basis take a little place, they are safe and inexpensive concerning their analog – steam heating. There are no harmful emissions, no noise, vibrations and other difficulties peculiar to other heating methods. The twin-core heating cable allows to construct the system, which will effectively function in any conditions.

Advantages of a twin-core cable

The heating cable works as follows. The power supply gives voltage on it, electric current, which at the expense of resistance of the carrying-out material, will be transformed to thermal energy. Differences in work are caused by design. It can be very various, and the type is chosen depending on requirements for operation, external physical influencing factors and also environment conditions.


Generally heating resistive cables with two cores are used in an architectural electrical heating. In comparison with a single-core ones it is safe, economic and simple option.

Electromagnetic radiation from two cores, which are nearby, is mutually repaid therefore such wire is safe for use in rooms and crowded areas. One more advantage: losses of the electric power and probability of a rupture with increase in number of cores always decrease.

Principle of work

The twin-core heating resistant cable is convenient in laying. It needs to be connected to a temperature regulator or power supply with the only one end. To close an electric chain, the special tip coupling is applied. For this reason installation of such wire is much simpler  than its analog with one core.

Elements of a twin-core cable:

  • two cores, which pass the current;
  • isolation;
  • braiding (various materials are used);
  • insulating cover.
For resistance to physical impacts the cable can be executed in armored option with a mechanical durability in accordance with IEC: M2. It is the maximum protection in accordance with GOST of IEC of the Russian Federation.


Service life of any twin-core heating resistive cable of ‘‘Teplovye Sistemy’’ makes not less than 20 years.

Where is it applied?

The heating wire found the application in architectural heating and heating of infrastructure. The electrical heating systems on the basis of such solution are widespread in the territory of Moscow and in other cities of Russia.

During the winter period formation of frost on plain surfaces and slopes of roofs, pedestrian paths becomes a powerful problem, which can lead to injuries, damage of property and lethal outcome as on objects of civil infrastructure and industrial objects.:
  • Inclined roofs

  • Floors of pump stations.

  • Football fields.

  • Production rooms.

  • Open spaces.

  • Pedestrian paths.

  • Crosswalks.

  • Drain systems.

With use of a heating wire frost stopped being a problem: heating is an automatic and simple process which is easy for organizing. The system turns out durable, it practically doesn't demand service, the cost of its creation is low too.

You will find everything necessary for cable heating in the catalog of ‘‘Teplovye Sistemy’’. Buying such a system means choosing the economic, durable and reliable solution.