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Fastening tapes

The system of electric heating is capable to effectively function only on condition of reliable fixing on a surface. It is especially important at installation of a cable on a roof, in drains and other difficult locations. It is necessary to select accessories taking into account material of a surface, type, power and thickness of the placed element. The expert can advise a fastening type upon purchase of components of system.

Для обогрева кровли

Purpose and kinds of accessories of fastening tapes

Bracings are designed to protect a working element from break, provide observance of loops spacing, and prevent migration of a wire. Fastening tapes are made of metal or have fiber glass structure:

  • The aluminum fastening tape is made on the basis of a fiber glass foil with use of acrylic or silicone as adhesive material and is capable to maintain temperature up to 180 or even 300 degrees Celsius. It is applied to fixing and heating elements, self-regulating cables to horizontal containers and fittings;
  • Fiber glass tapes are, as a rule, made of fiber glass fabric, but the base consists of fiber glass fabric with use of silicone or rubber adhesive. These tapes are also capable to maintain high temperatures to 300 degrees Celsius.


Don't save on fastening, use the production certified and made by the TS-HEAT brand, intended for a specified type of works. Otherwise, the system will demand serious repair within the next 6-12 months.

Selection and installation of fastenings for roofs, drains

The option of construction fastening  depends on a roofing relief and material specifics. The models used by our company don't break integrity of a roof. It is an almost perfect option for any types of roofs. The glue structure reliably fixes the cable and doesn't emerge over a surface.

At installation of a heating cable on a roof the fastening tape allows to work without openings. It is important as even at careful sealing such a hole over the years will leak.

Such fastening tape can be used both for a tile roofing and on a soft roof, in drains. You should not break tightness of ends. The same applies to installation in vertical sewers. On an inclined roof it is possible to put the heating element on edge and its temperature will "cut off" the growing icicles.


When placing heating in drain system, lower the heating element into a pipe only on a cable. Otherwise sooner or later it will break.

Where to buy fastening for self-heating cable

It is easy to buy accessories of different types in Moscow: a clip (standard and with a flat basis), perforated wiring strip and tape, clamps for gutters, bars, tension limiters, one - or dual-sided metallized adhesive tape, plastic fastenings, clips, brackets.

Consult the expert to correctly pick up fastening for the heating cable and durable accessories. Consider technical characteristics of thermal system and property of an assembly surface.