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Resistive cable

By means of the special heating elements it is possible to carry out heating of tanks on objects of the chemical, oil and gas industry, pipelines, drainage tubes of conditioners and many other. The resistive heating cable is perfectly suitable for installation of such heating system. One or several steel cores covered by special isolation act as the conductor in this kind of heating cable. The insulation layer disappears under the metal braiding. Serving as ground conductor, it in addition protects the cable from any damages. The external layer is made of various moist-and heat-resistant materials.

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Main types of production

Depending on constructional features the following types of products are distinguished:

  • Single-core. It is characterized by the simplest design and includes the heating conducting core, braiding with fluoroplastic isolation and external heat-resistant cover. Its assembling is performed taking into account need of connection of cable ends on the general terminal block and their connection to one source of power supply.
  • Twin-core. Consists of two cores – heating and conducting. Power supply is provided on one end, and the second end needs a tight coupling to be installed. Laying of this type of a product is carried out at all length, and it significantly simplifies design and installation of heating system.
  • Three-core. Has three steel cores complemented with braiding and protective cover with the high level of thermal stability. It is made with use of innovative technologies from durable and steady materials.

Principles of production choice

Existence of an insulating mineral layer in structure of the heating cable promotes increase in its durability and practicality of operation. The choice of its version should be carried out depending on type, purpose and the main technical characteristics of the equipped object. Selection of modification of such product has to be carried out according to specifics of its operation. It is possible to count resistance degree, power, length, core section and also the type of a cover of the heating cable to the defining characteristics.


Application of this heating element is possible at ultrahigh temperatures, negative impact of ultraviolet and chemicals.

It is necessary to understand that in places of bends and kinks the resistive cable can overheat and fail. Competent installation of a product is a guarantee of efficiency and effectiveness of its work.

Main spheres of application of the product

The heating cable is widely used in the industry and in production. It is capable to keep resistance to influence of temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius, this type of a heating element is suitable for use in the most difficult conditions. By means of such kind of heating elements it is possible to carry out heating of the small site of water system, installation of the climatic equipment and "heat-insulated floors", heating of platforms of open type, hotbeds or greenhouses, heating of drains, roofs and floor in freezers.

The review of product models by the producer

The main models of the heating elements with  one - two - and three-cores are:

  • TS-RS. Has one heating core, polyethylene isolation and shielding made of aluminum-polyethylene tape and external cover made of elastomer. Power of heat production reaches 32 W/m and the maximum working temperature is 90 degrees Celsius. The minimum temperature, admissible for installation, equals to-30 degrees Celsius.
  • 50HT(FA). It is equipped with two copper and copper-nickel alloy cores, continuous polyethylene isolation, copper screen and elastomer cover with additional armor for increase in durability. The power level of thermal emission is 50 W/m, the minimum temperature for installation equals to-30 degrees and the maximum working temperature makes +200 degrees Celsius.
  • LTS. The product of three-phase type consisting of three copper cores, organosilicon rubber insulating layer, copper braiding wire and external rubber cover. Power of thermal emission can reach 60 W/m, the minimum temperature for installation is-30 degrees and the maximum working temperature is 180 degrees.

Order products for installation of heating systems

It is possible to order the qualitative heating cable of desirable modification in Moscow in ‘‘Teplovye Sistemy’’. The different types of production suitable for the solution of the most difficult and non-standard tasks are presented in the catalog of manufacturing enterprise. It is possible to find an optimum kind of heating elements from the producer for implementation of the most unusual project.