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Corporate group "Teplovye Sistemy"

The leading Russian production engineering company, which has been specializing in design, production, delivery and installation of cable systems of a "turnkey" electrical heating, starting from development of design estimate documentation and finishing with installation and further service of these systems on objects for more than 10 years.  



The obtained experience in cooperation with the well-known global manufacturers allowed us to develop and start production of own heating cables (TS-HEAT trademark), which on many indicators are not only on one level with import producers, but also surpass them.

The latest equipment installed at our enterprise allows us to produce a wide line of the high-quality heating cables meeting the highest requirements.

Advantages and carried-out tasks

  • Resistance to corrosion.

  • Possibility of power supply from the general system of an object.

  • Completely automated control system.

  • Possibility of application on branched pipelines of any complexity.

  • Rather low cost of materials.

  • Installation in any conditions.

  • Protection of a product against freezing.

  • Protection against formation of condensate in the pipeline.

  • Maintenance of technological temperature.

  • Warming up

Information brochure and presentation of the company

Our team

High level of the specialists of our company having enormous experience in the field of introduction of electrical heat tracing systems on various objects allows us to prepare design estimate documentation in the short terms and complete objects under construction.

Initially we have relied on development of partner and dealer network, it allowed us to approach the main customer as much as possible, having offered him reliable production and high-quality service in the short terms. Thanks to it Teplovye Sistemy with good reason can be called the leading company among the domestic manufacturing enterprises of electrical heat tracing systems.

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We suggest you to be convinced personally of worthy quality of domestic production and optimal technical solutions on its basis. On our website it is possible to send Questionnaires online ordownload them and fill independently.

Heating of pipelines

Heating of the open spaces

Heating of tanks

Heating of roof

Entrust professionals the solution of implementation problems of electrical heat tracing systems on your objects!