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Production of a heating cable

Corporate group ‘‘Teplovye Sistemy’’ has own production capacities within the created production division of LLC PK TS Polyus. Production capacities of the company allow to organize a full cycle of works on creation of a heating cable and systems on its basis. The main divisions are cable and assembly. 

Staff of division has unique experience of development and production of heating self-regulating cables. Their professional activity is alloy of science and technology. Thanks to their knowledge and professionalism the production division has powerful technological potential.

The cable division has the most modern equipment and technologies for production of heating cables of various types. It is organized on the basis of one of the plants on production of cables, largest in the country. In the territory of more than 7000 sq.m. is placed and works the equipment of the leading global manufacturers. 

Assembly production is equipped with the modern equipment intended for release of heating systems of various execution. Production includes several sites: joints and pressing, production of mats, packing, production of boxes and test site.

Production capacities of the company constantly grow as production is sharply demanded. Orders arrive from all regions of our country.

  • Own production of heating cables up to 2 000 km per month.

    Modern equipment of the European production Maillefer, Niehoff, Linx PT Ltd.

    Components by global manufacturers: Bartec Gmbh, Dupont, Bauer.

  • Constant control of quality at all production phases.

  • Own test benches.

    Full compliance to the international quality standards ISO 9001-2011.

On the basis of each division only the most modern technical equipment allowing to create the qualitative, effective and reliable production of the Russian production surpassing foreign analogs in many indicators is used for work.

Heating cables of own productionа

Self-regulating cable

Self-regulating heating cables are the most modern and demanded product for heating of industrial pipelines. A heating element of this cable is the semiconductor matrix which changes the resistance and respectively power at change of ambient temperature.

Resistive cable

These cables are specially developed for maintenance of temperature condition in pipelines, tanks and equipment, where application of long electric chains or high temperatures is necessary. They are calculated on working tension up to 660 W.

Mineral insulated cable

Mineral insulated heating cable is specially developed for effective and reliable use in cases, when it is required to maintain high working temperature at the high power of thermal emission (for example for heating of bituminous installations and pipelines).