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Low temperature often becomes the reason of formation of considerable ice plugs in pipelines. Standard methods of heating of pipes are already not so effective, especially if it is about the industrial areas in the conditions of long frosty winters. It is possible to solve this problem by an innovative method, having carried out installation of the heating equipment. The price of installation of the heating cable directly depends on quality of the used materials and the country of origin.

During introduction on the market the heating cables by "Teplovye Sistemy" managed to prove their high quality. The equipment allows to maintain temperature at such a level, not to allow freezing of liquid in pipes. Heating cables have a possibility of adjustment of electric resistance. At achievement of a certain temperature of heating production of heat stops and it excludes a possibility of melting of an insulating layer and allows to preserve the heating equipment.

The extensive geography of projects should be especially noted: from Southern latitudes to Far North. The remoteness of construction objects from settlements, transport infrastructure, demands careful consideration of mobilization, creation of temporary places of warehousing of the equipment, materials, tools and stock at a preparatory stage.

Further, in process of transfer of the heated objects to installation, work with representatives of technical supervision and the customer on coordination of the current solutions is conducted. We consider own architectural supervision as one of advantages of our company.

Installation of the heating cable on pipes is carried out by two methods: inside and outside the pipe. The choice of a way of installation depends on extent of heat loss of substance in the pipeline. The winding of a cable is carried out spirally or parallel to a pipe in several lines. 

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"Teplovye Sistemy" offer favorable solutions 

If installation of a self-regulating heating cable is actual for you, then we suggest to use services of our organization.

Cooperation with us has a number of advantages:


  • application of the unique developments used in production of cables;
  • attractive quotations on quality production in comparison with the goods offered by foreign producers;
  • huge choice of products allows to pick up the corresponding production for various parameters (depending on service conditions and degree of load of heating elements);
  • You will find necessary accessories for installation of a heating cable along with thermal equipment.
To make exact calculations of length and number of the additional equipment required for installation of heating pipes you can use services of the Turnkey project. Our experts will make the required measurements, pick up the systems capable to cope with tasks of your project and carry out installation of the equipment. The subsequent service of mounted systems allows to be sure of reliable operation of systems.


The current experience and also friendship with the leading producers of the equipment, microprocessor machinery and equipment allow to adapt the systems of an electrical heating under any requirements of the customer.

Audit of design solutions, laboratory researches and technical expertize allow not only to take part in programs of the industrial enterprises of Russia for repair and service, but also to improve own base, attracting investments of partners.

Continuous monitoring of already realized projects, on our belief, is the key to success of any engineering company in the market.

Additional information can be obtained:

by phone: 7 (495) 665-78-79

or by mail: info@tsheat.ru

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