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Industrial electrical heating of pipelines

The main objective of heating of pipelines is maintenance of the set temperature of the transported product, and in certain cases and its heating not to allow freezing, change of structure products and failure of all production system.

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With fall of temperature sharp reduction in the rate of the movement of liquid on pipes or a full stop as a result of formation of plugs is observed, which leads loss of capacities of production. It is possible to successfully resolve this matter, having established the heating cable for the oil pipeline.

The main branches of industrial heating are:

  • Oil and gas branch

  • Chemical branch
  • Objects of civil engineering
  • Transport branch

The main feature of such equipment is the possibility of adjustment of temperature of heating in the automatic mode. At selection of the corresponding cable it is necessary to take the next moments into account: 

  • material of pipes production;
  • transported liquid;
  • required power in working mode and at rest.

Heating of pipelines with the heating cable significantly simplifies process of laying and thermal insulation of pipes. At installation of the equipment there is no need to stack pipes lower than the level of frost penetration in the earth.For reduction of heatlosses by insulating materials to the minimum level it is required to make qualitative thermal insulation of the pipeline. материалами.

The heating cable for oil pipelines allows to effectively solve such problems: 

  • Protection against freezing;

  • Protection against formation of condensate;
  • Maintenance of technological temperature;
  • Heating of technological liquids.

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When cooling the transported product (oil, gas, water, fuel, etc.) becomes more viscous or crystallizes, that leads to obstruction of the pipeline and, as a result, failure of the expensive equipment.

Various heating systems of pipelines are applied to prevent the increase in viscosity or freezing of the transported product, but the most effective one is the cable electrical heating.

Advantage of cable systems of an electrical heating is rather low cost of materials, ease of installation, resistance to corrosion, a possibility of powering from the general power supply system of an object and also existence of an automated control system, which precisely and on the set algorithm supports the chosen operating mode, is easily integrated into ACS of the top level and can be applied on branched pipelines of any complexity.

For selection of an optimal solution on the pipeline heating, initial data on the pipeline extent, system designation, temperature condition, thermal isolation and so forth are necessary.

By experience of heating, pipelines up to 400 m long should be heated with a self-regulating cable, which is a cable with the heating matrix with an opportunity to change heating temperature, depending on the set conditions of air temperature. In other words, depending on ambient temperature, for example, from -5 °C to -30 °C, the self-regulating cable maintains the necessary temperature, regulating this way thermal emission power and heats more or less, where needed.

Pipeline heating has a number of advantages: 

  • Allows to reduce the cost of electric power;

  • Allows to regulate section length on the place of installation (i.e. it can be cut off the necessary length);
  • Has a possibility overlapping the cable.

Self-regulating cables of the TS-HEAT series

For pipelines more than 400 m long an optimal solution on heating are single-core and three-core resistive heating cables of the RTS and LTS series. Such cable at the same time heats and feeds lines. It has a number of advantages, such as simplicity of design, low cost in comparison with self-regulating cables, but one disadvantage is the section of strictly set length and it should be considered at a system design stage. Such cables are great when temperature of maintenance is up to 260 °C.

In case when working temperature has to be up to 450 °C a cable in mineral isolation is used, capable to maintain high temperature loading, thanks to the cover.

Обогрев трубопроводов
 ‘‘Teplovye Sistemy’’ offers the full complex of services including production, design, delivery, installation and adjustment of systems of an electrical heating of pipelines. Own production capacities allow to offer the best technical and economic solution.

For primary assessment of power and cost of system of an electrical heating we suggest to fill our questionnaires and send us for analysis. Specialists of the company have huge experience of "turnkey" realization of systems of electrical heating both for the end customer, and for the general contractor of various fields of activity, including: oil and gas, chemical, food, power, etc.  

You need complex services? Address to ‘‘Teplovye Sistemy’’

Only the proved organization can render qualitatively executed services in installation of the heating equipment. ‘‘Teplovye Sistemy’’ is one of them.

Taking into account various indicators, such as aggression of environments, temperature, pressure, it is possible to design the perfect system of heating. Having addressed to our company, you will be able to use service of implementation of the Turnkey project.

The qualified staff of the organization guarantees performance of the types of works demanded for successful operation.

Purchase of the heating cable for pipelines in ‘‘Teplovye Sistemy’’ has such pluses:

  • the wide model range guarantees selection of the corresponding goods for projects of different complexity. Various loadings, service conditions, climatic conditions around implementation of the project – we consider all this and pick up the perfect option;
  • production is conducted mainly from domestic raw materials on the latest equipment which meets all international requirements;
  • reasonable prices for goods of excellent quality.

Purchasing the heating cable in our company you receive reliability, safety and modern solution of difficult tasks.      

Additional information can be obtained:

by phone: 7 (495) 665-78-79

or by mail: info@tsheat.ru 

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